Hello, and thank you for visiting our baby registry for our little boy!!

We are so grateful to be able to celebrate this new life with our friends and family. Our journey had many unexpected detours but we knew that we had to keep fighting until we reached our destination. 

Now, if you'll allow me a moment to reflect a bit, I would greatly appreciate it. As I sit here today, I remember the babies that came before this one and I can feel my heart swell with love. It's impossible for me to think of our new baby without acknowledging the ones that we lost; they are all a part of my journey into motherhood. I am grateful for the time that I had with each one of our babies, no matter how short. I loved them and I lost them and that process, while devasting, helped to teach me what it means to be a mother, in particular, the strength and selflessness that it requires. As I mourn their loss, I rejoice that they were mine. 

Amadeus and I are overjoyed to be surrounded by so many phenomenal people, who not only love us but our new baby as well. We are so in love with this little life and we can't wait to introduce all of you to the newest member of our family! 

As we tried to decide how to do a registry, there was a lot to consider since we live abroad. Not only is is hard to ship too much, there are other issues to take into consideration, such as currency differences and the fact that any baby websites I can use to make purchases here in Berlin are in german. ;)  

We decided it might be best to do an online registry that allows people to contribute to a fund for some of the larger purchases. I have added a few of those larger purchases to our online registry and you can contribute any dollar amount you wish towards one of the items.

There are a lot of things that we will need to purchase here, the most important being a good stroller since I walk nearly everywhere. I can promise that any gifts received will be put to very good use! 

Thank you all for your love, prayers and generosity throughout the past couple of years and most of all, thank you for holding out hope for us during those times when we felt hopeless. 

Thank you so very much for celebrating and rejoicing with us!

All of our love, 
Bridget & Amadeus


Here is a picture of Tiny Tunis at 13 weeks
Here is a picture of Tiny Tunis at 13 weeks
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